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We are proudly offering the best products to our worldwide clients with differentiate expertise of Industrial PDA and RFID Reader with the most comprehensive know-how on Industrial PDA.

ATID Co., Ltd. is to anticipate and fulfill customer and consumer needs with high quality and innovative Industrial PDA and RFID Reader.


"The mobile solutions company " as a ATID

Through industrial mobile solutions, "Customer Value Creation" Companies such as Motorola Industrial PDA and RFID Industrial research and development of mobile solutions are sold out. Currently, the industrial PDA of a variety of AT-570, including the launch, and a variety of PDA and RFID product family of companies Providing solutions that meet the requirements are.

" Global enterprises" as a ATID

The best products on the domestic rather than overseas to meet the "Global Good Product" as in the World. Has begun to grow in technology. This is based on the Global Standard to secure the core technologies for the development of new technologies Recognize also that competitiveness through with, and commitment to technology development are core competencies. Export it as a global company with corporate'll Stand By.

" Trusted Company " as a ATID

Based on the trust of our customers know that the company has grown, and with our customers and hope to a trusted company.